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Decode a Life of Joy

Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope & Happiness leads you toward the creation of a joyful, balanced life.

  • Gain a greater sense of fulfillment
  • Learn to communicate from your heart
  • Discover your true worth
  • Live with purpose and meaning
  • Find a true path for joyful living
Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness, by Robert Clancy

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Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope & Happiness

A book about leading you toward the creation of a joyful, balanced life. With the right tools, you can be empowered to decode the cyphers of your life, moving you into greater well-being and wholeness.

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1 Hour Live Group Session with Robert

Join author Robert Clancy on a one-hour inspirational live online group sessions certain to enlighten your soul. During this wonderful session Robert will share simple keys to decoding a masterful life. Learn to reach new levels of fulfillment by aligning your soul with your life path! This session is the perfect companion to Soul Cyphers to jump start a gratifying and fulfilling life!

Five Free Guided Meditations

Five Beautifully Guided Meditations

In this five-day audio series Robert Clancy will teach you: how to manifest joy, hope, and abundance through five powerful guided meditations. Learn to relax your mind, body and soul to develop an attitude of gratitude and fulfillment!

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1 Hour Live Group Mediumship Session

Join #1 bestselling author, Swami S. Tirtha, on this exclusive 1-hour live group mediumship/channeling session. Swami has presented to White House Commission on alternative medicine and top medical universities including Johns Hopkins. He has more than four decades teaching wellness and consciousness. His emphasis is on instant breakthroughs in wellness and energy, creativity, vision, and communication skills that empower leaders and employees to improve all aspects of their lives.

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The Secret of the Keys Movie

Imagine getting a life-altering call from your doctor. That's exactly what happens to motivational speaker and author "Elizabeth" in The Secrets of the Keys. Gwen, Elizabeth's spiritual guide, takes her on a mystical journey where they encounter impressive experts eager to share the importance of 7 Keys: Appreciation, Harmony, Courage, Passion, Faith, Vibration, and Empathy. This empowering and transformational film is both entertaining and beautiful, and will forever change the way you look at life.

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5 Steps to Creating Conscious and Connected Relationships

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Robert Clancy, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

A word from the author

"We all have the power to turn ourselves around and live happier, more fulfilling lives, we just need a little guidance, inspiration, and the example of someone who has done this very thing."

I was moved to write Soul Cyphers because of the responses I received from readers of my two previous books, audiences around the world that I have had the privilege to present to, and fans of my Facebook page. While they understood and enjoyed the general messages, they wanted to understand how to turn the inspiration that they felt from my work and my presence into practical, long-lasting applications in their everyday lives. This book fulfills the longing that they, and countless others, share in seeking a pathway to action and tangible results. Soul Cyphers is your steadfast companion as you embark down the path toward open-hearted, authentic, joyful living. I have turned my life around from despair and hopelessness, and have the capacity to model this formula for others to do the same.

All love and light!

Robert Clancy Signature

What others are saying

Robert Clancy delivers inspirational, passionate, and empathetic daily messages to over a half-million souls, and is seen in ninety countries worldwide through his Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul Facebook page.

Marci Shimoff

“In Soul Cyphers, Robert offers brilliant and powerful life decodes that allow for such transformation. He also includes moving stories to inspire you along with effective practices you can incorporate into your daily routine that are simple, yet life-changing.”

— from Foreword by Marci Shimoff, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Temple Hayse

“A wonderful awakening for your soul! A brilliant light to guide you on your pathway through life, Soul Cyphers lifts you up, enlightens your day, and becomes your guide on an empowering journey to discover your self-worth...priceless.”

— Temple Hayes, Difference-maker, Intl. Speaker, author of When Did You Die?

Robin Jay

“Robert Clancy has written a brilliant, uplifting book. It is the key to unlocking your highest potential and grace-filled purpose. Soul Cyphers is a beautiful guide for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life.”

— Robin Jay, Award-winning filmmaker, The Keeper of the Keys and The Secrets of the Keys

Mark Alyn

“Robert is one of a kind. He really knows people and how to help them. His message beautifully covers heath—whether physical, mental, or spiritual—as an important aspect of your wellbeing. I’m keeping this book by my bed, and I suggest you do as well.”

— Mark Alyn, Award-winning host and producer of Late Night Health Radio

Teresa de Grosbois

“Enlightening is an understatement. Not since The Shack have I read such and engaging and compelling book to reaffirm my spiritual connection. Robert Clancy is a true angelic light in our world. His beautifully-written book, Souls Cyphers, decodes every aspect of your heart and dreams, while providing you with a spiritual guide to get you through even the darkest of days.”

— Teresa de Grosbois, #1 International Bestselling Author of Mass Influence

Swami � The Orange Cowboy

“This not a book; this is a seminar. Instantly it fills you with more hope and happiness while you are reading. After a single page, you heart and life are lighter and brighter. I've never 'experienced' a book like this before. We will be talking about this seminal book for years.”

— Swami - The Orange Cowboy, # 1 bestselling author of The Ayurveda Encyclopedia; and presented to White House commission on alternative medicine

“Beautifully written and deeply inspiring, Robert Clancy's book will ignite your heart to higher love and transform your moments into a series of miraculous awakenings.”

— Paul Samuel Dolman, Host of What Matters Most and author of Hitchhiking with Larry David: A True Story from Martha's Vineyard

Author Biography

Robert Clancy is a gifted technology entrepreneur, acclaimed author, spiritual teacher, and inspirational speaker from New York. At age nineteen, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that greatly altered his life. In 2012 he started Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul Facebook fan page where he shares his divinely inspired thoughts, now followed by over a half-million people worldwide. Robert is also a regular contributor on Los Angeles KABC Radio's Late Night Health Radio show. Through his passion for exceptional design & innovative technology, he co-founded Spiral Design Studio more than 25 years ago to lead an award-winning creative team in the evolution of major corporate brands, marketing & web development. Robert is a husband, father and 5th degree master black belt martial arts instructor. He is also a dedicated volunteer who completely embodies the spirit of service—selfless commitments to helping others make a positive difference in the world.

Robert Clancy - Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher